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Chick Jagger

is a group of passionate musicians with a shared obsession with the Rolling Stones. The band is known for their captivating and engaging stage act as well as infusing fresh energy into the songs that have served as the soundtrack of people's lives for decades. Well versed in playing and performing classic Rolling Stones tunes, the band also indulges their inner Stones fan as well as lovers of deep cuts with renditions of rarities, b-sides, and full album performances. 


Chick Jagger is: 

  • Christina Michelle / Chick Jagger: stage antics, lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion, cheerleading

  • Lee Shupp / Keef - guitar, harmonica, lead and backup vocals, looking chic

  • Tom Kelsey / Ronnie Jones: guitar, and lots of it; rocking the slide

  • Sleepless J: sax, keyboard, vocals ... did someone say vibes?

  • Paul Navarro / 100 Watt: drums, Italian delicacies

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